HIT Active-Aqua – Equestrian Arena Irrigation

Efficient and water-saving subsurface irrigation for horse arenas.

Free Draining Base throughout the entire arena
with underground irrigation lines

Consistent water distribution
throughout the entire footing

Water Conservation
of up to 70% compared to sprinkler systems.

Clean Air
due to dust suppression

Time savings
Ride while irrigation is running

Suitable for
indoor and outdoor horse arenas

Subsurface Irrigation for Sand Arenas

The HIT Active Aqua horse arena watering system waters and drains the arena footing from the bottom, eliminating water waste and facilitating simple fine-tuning of the surface for even and watering with the least amount of water possible.
The HIT system with it’s various water zones can selectively target water supply to sunny or shady parts of your arena. It is the only sub-surface irrigation system on the market which can be dialed in.

Subsurface Irrigation for Natural Turf Fields and Arenas

Efficiently water your grass arena with the HIT subsurface irrigation system to strengthen the grass roots to grow lush dense grass! The strong Turf produced provides cushion and stability which is desired in riding arenas.


  • Exceptional Turf for Jumping arenas and Polo fields
  • No aerating and fertilizer necessary
  • Strengthens grass roots and turf health
  • Best Drainage during rainy weather

Subsurface Irrigation for Lush Grass Turnouts and Paddocks

Get lush grass for your horses’ turnouts all year-round with minimal water usage!  The key to watering mature turf is to reach the full depth of the roots, at least 6 inches deep into the soil. Our subsurface irrigation supplies the moisture to the grass roots deeper into the soil.  You do NOT need to water deep anymore with overhead sprinklers which wastes a LOT of water!


  • Waters grass roots deep in the soil
  • Improving Grass Root Growth and health
  • 70% Water Conservation

How much water does the watering system use? Is the system drought-proof for the future?

YES! The HIT System is drought-proof!  It uses a lot less water than the Ebb- and Flow System as it requires only 50% of the sand to be watered, and up to 70% less water than overhead sprinklers.

Should all water supply be restricted for use in riding arenas, the sand footing of the HIT System still remains rideable with the application of our HydroSandBinder dust control product,  as the HIT System only needs  5-6 inches of arena sand compared to 13 inches footing sand of the Ebb- and Flow System.

The drip lines are not simple lines with holes, as for traditional agricultural irrigation applications. The HIT Horse Arena Watering System’s drip lines have an integrated diaphragm valve system, which opens and closes depending on water pressure, evenly distributing water into the entire footing area. The diaphragm valves are self-cleaning, which prohibits any blocking of the opening by sand particles.

What are the main advantages of the system?

HIT Active Aqua horse arena watering system waters and drained the arena footing from the bottom, eliminating water waste and facilitating simple fine-tuning of the surface. The arena footing is fine silica sand with FSGeoTEX additives. Its softness or firmness is adjusted by how much water is added each day. “No wet or dry spots”.. A normal drag, with a Platz-Max groomer, at the end of the day is all that’s needed for maintenance.

Customers are especially thrilled with drainage that enables riding the day after unusually heavy spring rains. You can specify if you want the surface softer or looser by how much water we use.”

  • Achieving a consistent and even moisture penetration throughout the entire arena floor is substantially more efficient with the HIT Active Aqua underground arena watering system.
  • No more irrigation overlaps, pooling water, or dry areas. Plus, the arena can
    be used during the watering cycles – there is no down time!
  • No water loss due to evaporation: water is used efficiently and economically, spreading through only the footing. Wall, fence, and side boards remain dry.

How can sand capillarity be measured, and what are the characteristics of good sand?

To select good sand for the footing of a horse arena and to water it efficiently, its capillarity needs to be determined.

“Capillarity” describes how fast moisture travels to the surface in the sand and will determine the correct type of sand to be used.

Contact us for an analysis to determine the suitability of your current footing or we will recommend appropriate sand in your area. When we select new sand and/or any additives for the footing, we will make sure that the appropriate balance of the capillarity needed for irrigation and the properties of the sand match the riders’ and horses’ needs.



Saxton Sportshorses, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

July 9, 2021
Saxton Sportshorses in Rancho Santa Fe, CA is enjoying their new home and their new HIT arena! Congratulations and enjoy!

Hope Ranch, California

April 13, 2020
This beautiful Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA arena and round pen were completed with the HIT Active Aqua underground watering system in April 2020. And…right at our doorstep. Having so much fun riding on it!!!!

Dressage/Jumping Arena, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

February 13, 2017
HIT Active Aqua jumping arena originally built for Simon Nizzri - Now it is the home of up-and-coming dressage rider, Anna Buffini. All the best luck and best rides on our system!
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