HIT Active-Aqua

efficient, safe, and water-saving underground irrigation for horse arena footings.

Free Draining Base throughout the entire arena
with underground irrigation lines

Consistent water distribution
throughout the entire footing

Water Conservation
of up to 40% compared to sprinkler systems

Clean Air
due to dust suppression

Time savings
while irrigation is in progress, fully usable

Suitable for
indoor and outdoor horse arenas

How much water does the watering system use?

The drip lines are not simple lines with holes, as for traditional agricultural irrigation applications. The HIT Active Aqua Drip lines have an integrated diaphragm valve system, which opens and closes depending on water pressure, evenly distributing water into the entire footing area. The diaphragm valves are self-cleaning, which prohibits any blocking of the opening by sand particles.

What are the main advantages of the system?

  • Achieving a consistent and even moisture penetration throughout the entire arena floor is substantially more efficient with the HIT Active Aqua underground arena watering system.
  • No more irrigation overlaps, pooling water, or dry areas. Plus, the arena can
    be used during the watering cycles – there is no down time!
  • No water loss due to evaporation: water is used efficiently and economically, spreading through only the footing. Wall, fence, and side boards remain dry.

How can sand capillarity be measured, and what are the characteristics of good sand?

To select good sand for the footing of a horse arena and to water it efficiently,
its capillarity is to be determined.

This characteristic describes how fast moisture travels to the surface in the sand and will determine the correct type of sand to be used.

Contact us for an analysis to determine the suitability of your current footing or we will recommend appropriate sand in your area. When we select new sand and/or any additives for the footing, we will make sure that the appropriate balance of the capillarity needed for irrigation and the properties of the sand match the riders’ and horses’ needs.